About script

Script is the innovative text editor that revolutionises the way you create and manage digital documents.

Revisiting Document Production & Review

Transform your document creation and management practices by bringing order to documentation chaos.

The Founding Philosophy

The philosophy for founding script is rooted in the belief that technology should empower individuals and teams to achieve their best by seamlessly transforming digital documents into living, breathing entities. With script, the goal is to unlock the boundless potential of collaboration, creativity, and productivity in the modern workspace.

Our Mission

To inspire and enable everyone express their ideas, streamline workflows, and achieve a whole new level of productivity.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way individuals and organizations create, collaborate, and innovate using seamless documentation.

Our Super-team!

With a brilliant team of software engineers, product designer, data scientist and AI engineer, from up to five different nationalities, our team thrives on the richness of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our diversity fosters creativity and enables us to approach solutions from various perspectives, leading to more innovative solutions.

What our users are saying

As a lawyer, script has become an indispensable tool in my daily workflow. Its intuitive interface and advanced features make drafting contracts and legal documents a breeze.

A white British woman
Anthonia Livingstone
Legal Practitioner

Script has revolutionized the way I assist lawyers in managing documents. Its user-friendly platform and customizable data tables have simplified our document organization and data management processes.

Phillip Todd
General Counsel

Script has transformed the way my team collaborates and creates content. The smart outlining and syntax highlighting have enabled our writers to produce engaging and error-free copy effortlessly.

Majid Baker
Real Estate Lawyer